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"I love working for D.L. Rogers because of the opportunities they have provided me. This company really

cares about you personally and professionally."

Marie Powell, Seagoville, TX

"Leadership is a blessing and an exciting responsibility. In order to be a great leader as a DLR operating partner,

we should take pride and love what we do." 
Riad Amanullah, Topeka, KS  

At DLR, we have some truly amazing partners. They are our bread and butter, our boots on the ground, our family.

They are the main reason why DLR Drive-Ins are in the top of the SONIC system.

"Take great care of your crew and they'll take great care of your guests." 
Manuel Uribe, Huntsville, TX

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"We are only as successful as those we surround ourselves with. Love what you do."  
Jamar Evans, Little Rock, AR

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