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DLR has a mission of Excellence Without Exception, which we believe is achieved when we deliver the COOL P's.

We respect all our co-workers, guests, vendors, and other business partners as valuable human beings. We particularly recognize,

respect, and develop integrity, hard work, leadership, and excellent results.

We provide unparalleled partnership and compensation opportunities to our people.

In all key performance indicators, DLR Drive-Ins are among the top in the SONIC system.

We will provide professional leadership at all levels. By the example of our conduct, results, and innovation,

we consistently "win the right to be heard."

We are always fully prepared to support all our personnel needs. At all levels, we are fully self-sufficient with

multiple candidates for any opportunity.

We will consistently provide our investors with a superior return on investment. We routinely achieve all our goals for not only profit growth,

but sales, compensation, and restaurant development. Cost controls at all levels are among the top in the SONIC system.